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Hoa Phat steel quotation  . Hoa Phat Steel is the leading steel company. In construction, it has high applicability, helping the project achieve the desired construction efficiency, speeding up the project completion speed. Hoa Phat steel quotation by  Manh Cuong Phat Steel Company  we informed about the price situation from time to time

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You can contact us via the hotline below for assistance. Or go to the address of the warehouse to choose and buy directly

Hoa Phat Steel quotation – updated prices at the warehouse of Manh Cuong Phat Steel Company

Update continuously and latest price  báo giá sắt thép xây dựng  at Manh Cuong Phat Steel Company. Provide customers with the latest information. The most accurate price of steel 24 hours in today.

Hoa Phat Steel Price List

báo giá thép hòa phát  includes goods types, weight corresponding to each different unit price

Hotline: 0313 694 028 – 0919 741 066 – 0988 707 505

first Symbols on the iron tree   V
2 D6 (ROLL) 1 Kg   10,200
3 D 8 (ROLL) 1 Kg   10,200
  D 10 (Tree) Length (11.7m) 7.21 60,000
5 D 12 (Tree) Length (11.7m) 10.39 90,000
6 D 14 (Tree) Length (11.7m) 14.13 134,000
7 D 16 (Tree) Length (11.7m) 18.47 170,000

Information on price list 

The price list of construction steel and iron includes the following information and terms:

Product name, unit, weight / tree, unit price, and shipping cost.

– Name of iron and steel.

– Calculation unit: By weight or by tree.

– Unit price: The unit price on the quotation table usually does not include VAT. And shipping cost (unit price is calculated by weight or by tree).

Hoa Phat steel quotation

The growth in the demand for Hoa Phat steel is increasing, making the price unstable. Therefore, providing Hoa Phat steel quotation in particular and steel companies in general will help customers master the information about construction materials more firmly.

Our company distributes a wide range of types, designs and sizes. Depending on the construction, choose the most suitable one

Contact information

Manh Cuong Phat Steel Building Materials Company
Head Office: E10 / 295 F National Highway 50. Hamlet 5 Phong Phu Commune – Binh Chanh District – Ho Chi Minh
Gmail: thepcuongmanhphat@gmail.com Phone
: 0313 694 028 – 0919 741 066 – 0988 707 505
Website:  https://vlxdtruongthinhphat.com/

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