Summary of sharing of tourism experiences in Ca Mau

Summary Of Sharing Of Tourism Experiences In Ca Mau

Ca Mau – ” The paradise of the forest and sea ” is the ideal stop for many tourists in the southernmost land of the country. Coming to Ca Mau, you not only admire the beautiful landscapes such as U Minh Ha forest, Hon Da Bac or hit the southern pole – Cape Ca Mau, but also have the opportunity to better understand the people here. hospitable and very simple. Visit Ca Mau, you should refer to some of the self-sufficient travel experiences in 2020 below to have the most perfect trip.

Du Lich Ca Mau

COMBINING the most self-sufficient and economical Ca Mau travel experience

Traveling to Ca Mau, which month is the best?

The time that tourists choose the most to visit the land of Mui is from December to April. This is the time when the weather of Ca Mau is in the dry season, very suitable for activities to explore the beautiful scenery. such as participating in many interesting pastimes such as slapping fish, catching mice.

From May to November is the time when Ca Mau is in the rainy season, or known as the flooding season. Traffic at this time will make it difficult to travel, swim the rising river. In return, you will enjoy specialties only in the flooding season such as water lily, crazy cotton.

Note: The temperature in Ca Mau compared to the western provinces is quite high, boat trips to the mangrove forests are an interesting experience but mosquitoes as well as insects are quite a lot. Remember to bring a long-sleeved shirt, a hat and a mosquito repellent spray so as not to obstruct your trip.

Travel experience Ca Mau – The fastest way to travel to Ca Mau

Traveling Ca Mau by motorbike

Experience  du lịch Sài Gòn Cà Mau  shows that motorbikes are a reasonable vehicle if you are looking for a trip, dust and do not want to be constrained by a specific schedule at all. However, if starting from Ho Chi Minh to Ca Mau will take about 7 hours because the road is quite long. So if riding a motorbike means you have to accept to be tired, tired and lost. If only 2 days Saturday and Sunday to travel Ca Mau will certainly not be enough.

If you want to come here by motorbike, you should combine with  tour du lịch miền Tây  tour to Long An – Tien Giang – Vinh Long – Can Tho – Soc Trang – Bac Lieu – Ca Mau. Thus, your trip will be much more economical and convenient. In return, you should have at least 7 days to fully travel the West.

Chợ Nổi Cà Mau

Traveling Ca Mau by plane

For tourists as far as Hanoi and Da Nang,  you should make a flight to the city. Ho Chi Minh City first, then go to Ca Mau. Currently, Vietnam Airlines is the only airline with flights from Ho Chi Minh City – Ca Mau, with a frequency of 1 flight / day. So, you should hunt tickets early to avoid running out of tickets.

The ticket price for Ho Chi Minh City – Ca Mau is only from 850 thousand and the trip to Ca Mau – HCM is only from 1 million. If you hunt cheap tickets only from 400 thousand. Travel time is about 45 minutes for both routes.

In addition, you can not go by plane to Ca Mau but should combine Saigon – Western tour by bus or motorbike. This trip also brings you a memorable experience, going through the western provinces and finally arrived in Ca Mau – the sacred cape of the country.

For guests traveling from Saigon and the surrounding provinces:  The most reasonable option is still a bus or motorbike. According to Can Tho travel experience self-sufficient, if only 2-3 days to have fun it is best to take a passenger car. Because the road from Saigon – Ca Mau takes about 6-7 hours, if you take away and go on a whole day. Meanwhile, if traveling by bus, the car is not much more expensive, but you can also take a nap before going to the start of the journey.

Traveling Ca Mau by car

From the Western bus station at 396 Kinh Duong Vuong, An Lac, Binh Tan you can buy tickets to Ca Mau easily. Travel time is about 7-8 hours, depending on the vehicle. There are quite a lot of car companies serving passengers from Saigon to Ca Mau

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Travel experiences Ca Mau – famous places not to be missed

Traveling Ca Mau to U Minh Ha forest

Address: Vo Doi Hamlet, Tran Hoi Commune, Tran Van Thoi District

Entrance fee: 10k / time

Boat rental service is 150k / 1 person / 1 hour or 80k / person / 30 minutes.

Rừng Quốc Gia U Minh Hạ - Cà Mau

According to travel experience Ca Mau , to visit U Minh Ha National Park, you can come at 2 times. 1 is the rainy season, from November to April next year, 2 is the dry season from May to October. However, due to weather characteristics, you should go in the dry season.

The dry season is a time when the water is not much so people will have a boat to visit the mangrove forest so that visitors can admire the scenery. If the rainy season, the floating season to ensure safety, this service is limited. So, you should ask before you arrive because in addition to the boat ride service, U Minh Ha forest is not so outstanding, this is true. After a boring boat ride, you can visit a restaurant to enjoy grilled snakehead fish with vegetable hotpot.

Silver Stone – an ancient tourist spot in Ca Mau and converging spiritual culture

Silver Stone is known as one of the three islands located in a cluster of islands dating back to 180 million years, dating back to the middle Jurassic, so it still remains a historical record.

Hòn Đá Bạc

Khai Long Beach – the most beautiful beach when traveling Ca Mau

Address: Khai Long Hamlet, Dat Mui Commune, Ngoc Hien District

The only place in Ca Mau that has sea, forest and blue sky and is also the only place where can swim in Ca Mau. The place marked with visitors about this place is probably an idyllic landscape of nature and especially the phenomenon of reclamation still occurs every day.

The famous bird parks should GO when traveling Ca Mau

Ca Mau tourism is known as one of the provinces with the most bird sanctuaries in the country, with Ngoc Hien bird garden covering hundreds of hectares, which is home to many birds such as storks and cauldron. extremely rare species. At this point, you must check in one of the 3 most famous bird gardens based on the experience of Ca Mau tourism that dulichkhampha24 has synthesized.

  • Tu Na Nam Can bird garden

Address: Town Center of Nam Can

During the trip along the land of Mui, do not forget to take advantage of the visit to Tu Na bird garden, located in cluster 9 in the islet in Nam Can.

Compared to other bird gardens in Ca Mau, Tu Na bird garden is quite special because this place attracts many valuable birds such as giang sen, lam, and guy. These are birds listed in Vietnam’s Red Book and the world is in need of conservation. You will be immersed in the bustling life of this place, with birds engrossed in nesting or pictures of a few snorkeling in a square of shrimp for prey.

  • Bird Park of Ca Mau City (May 19)

Address: Ly Van Lam Street, Ward 1, Ca Mau City

The 19/5 Bird Park is about 4 km from the city center, is the home of birds in the Cape region with more than 80% of the stork. To say that amidst the bustling city of Ca Mau, both the honking and the crowding of people, there is a quite quiet place, a refuge for these little birds.

Du lịch Cà Mau  has quite a lot of bird gardens, because it owns dense mangrove areas, which is an ideal place for flying animals. You will not be surprised when you see the flock of storks crowding about to hide on the branches, a little fleeting feeling is incredibly peaceful. Certainly, a trip to the West of the river to Ca Mau will help you have more new experiences.

  • Ngoc Hien bird garden

Address: Ngọc Hiển, Cà Mau

This is considered the largest bird sanctuary in Ca Mau and is one of the largest bird sanctuary in the country with an area of ​​up to 130ha, 7 times the size of 19/5 bird garden and 5 times of the Tu Na bird garden. Many birds with thousands of birds come here every day to create a very vivid scene. It is also because there is a dense channel system, a diverse and lush plant system.

Thi Tuong Lagoon – Ca Mau tourism comes to the largest Western lagoon

Thi Tuong Lagoon is known as the largest and most beautiful natural lagoon in the Mekong Delta. From TP. Ca Mau, you take about 2 hours by boat to Thi Tuong lagoon. The lagoon with a length of up to 10k, the largest width of 2km is divided into 3 zones, the lagoon in the middle and outer lagoon. The name of the lagoon is also derived from an ancient story, which was protected and surrounded by a woman, so people took the name of the woman to name the dress.

Đầm Thị Tường

Thi Tuong Lagoon, where you can watch the sunrise and sunset in the most beautiful state. Also do not forget to enjoy fresh seafood, caught right in the lagoon at Xeo Duc restaurant, you will feel the freshness and quintessence in these rustic dishes.

Travel experience Ca Mau will help you have the opportunity to witness firsthand the scenery of shrimp, fish and mussel extremely vivid.

Ca Mau cape – a famous tourist destination in the land of the cape

Ca Mau – the end of the Fatherland has been painted by a sacred place Mui Dat, of the forest of rivers associated with the image of mangrove trees. Traveling to Ca Mau to feel the most vitality, the western beauty of the river must definitely visit Dat Mui.

Du Lịch Sài Gòn Cà Mau

Previously, if to go to Mui land many people had to take a train all day to go from TP. Ca Mau. Now, traffic is more convenient, if you can speedboat, it only takes 2.5 hours to arrive. Alternatively, you can choose a bus (45 seats) or personal vehicle easily by Ho Chi Minh route, passing Nam Can bridge. To save money than you go by car according to Nam Can bridge, if you want to sit on a high-speed train to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river, hire a canoe.

Where to come to Dat Mui? Certainly you must visit places such as GPS 0001 coordinates, Ho Chi Minh monument and the last point of Ho Chi Minh road.

Here in addition to the famous check-in locations, the forms of entertainment, entertainment and accommodation are quite developed. You can stay overnight with the homestay for only 70 thousand, visit the mudflats, fish, catch three crabs and finally enjoy countless fresh seafood dishes such as shrimp, tiger shrimp, oysters, fish gup, land bowl, etc … with cheap price as for.

Must-try specialties when traveling to Ca Mau

What to eat in Ca Mau? Ca Mau cuisine is a great combination of extremely attractive forest and sea specialties. Mudskippers, oysters, snails, crabs, sea crabs are famous products of this place that you should not miss.

+ Keo fish porridge

One of the specialties that I can not help but mention is the delicious, hot and nutritious goby dish. In the squatting days of shrimp, even in the country, the locals are spoiled to harvest the fat goby to carry on processing immediately. In particular, this goby porridge is quite easy to eat, here people do not taste too much spice so porridge is always sweet and naturally aromatic.

+ Three areas Rach Goc

Ba Khia is also a product only in the West, to say the best, we have to mention the three areas in Ca Mau, where there are mangrove swamps so that this species can multiply.

Originally living in the sea, along the mangroves, the three areas already have salinity already. You can ask people to make delicious dishes such as three aspects, three aspects of salt, three boiled lemongrass or three aspects of tamarind roasted are wonderful sun. In addition, people also use three aspects to make fish sauce, so it is also suitable for you if you travel Ca Mau can buy a few aspects of fish sauce as a gift.

+ Ca Mau crab

Ca Mau crab is a specialty of the land of Mui and one of the specialties of the West. Ca Mau crab, according to many people, this must be said to be the best kind of crab in Vietnam with the meat of the crab is fragrant, stocky but the brick is greasy.

That is also the reason for your trip this time, no matter what, you must definitely try immediately to be with the great taste of Ca Mau crab. Because this is a specialty, it is easy for you to encounter in restaurants, roadside eateries or homestays. Tamarind roasted crab, crab hotpot, salted crab, steamed crab, grilled crab are all the most delicious ways of processing from this product, which are enjoyed very near and far by visitors.

+ Grilled egg and ground dirt Nose

When it comes to specialty egg squid, only a few places have this dish, such as Phan Thiet or Ca Mau. Unlike any dish, the egg ball is the quintessential dish, made from the eggs of the squid. And to produce 1kg of squid eggs, people have to process up to 10-12kg of fresh squid so very rare and precious.

To be able to enjoy squid egg rolls, only a few famous restaurants will have this dish, because its price is a bit acrid. However, if you spend a large amount of money to eat this dish is well worth the money.

+ Oysters

In Ca Mau, Da Bac Oysters are the most popular because of oysters are fat, rich in meat and delicious. When traveling to Ca Mau, you will easily find a place to enjoy this specialty when traveling to Ca Mau.

+ Grilled snakehead

Grilled snakehead fish is also a delicious dish to enjoy because this is a specialty of the West. However, the strange thing about grilled snakehead fish in Ca Mau is that the fish that has just been caught will be cooked immediately, so the fish will have sweetness and natural fragrance, such a great dish is probably a pity. if you skip it right

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What to buy as gifts for Ca Mau tourism?

+ Dried ground shrimp, chopped dry fish, snakehead fish sauce

The products of the countryside are always the first choice to buy as gifts. These are dried shrimp, dried fish and then mixed snakehead fish – all like encapsulating a culinary feature of a river garden, where people here still earn a living by the days. canals, picturesque mangrove forests.

+ U Minh Ca Mau forest honey

Forming the forest to thousands of hectares in Ca Mau is Melaleuca trees, where the Melaleuca flowers radiate a light scent that attracts the colonies to be here for nesting. So the honey products taken from the forests here have a hint of the slight aroma of this flower. In particular, because the honey here is harvested by people manually, so the honey retains the natural sweetness and 100% pure.

+ Melon sink

It is not difficult for you to buy a few tubers of melon tubs in Ca Mau if you run along the direction of Mui Dat – the famous place of this specialty. In addition to mangroves and melaleuca, the tub grows wildly in the mangrove areas, people often call it candle grass, but now it is replicated in shrimp and fish rearing areas to be processed into dishes.

You know, after the tubs are harvested, people here only separate the young inner core. Visitors can buy four pre-prepared tanks or buy jars of melon tubs (locals often bring salt with water to wash rice, so the melons are beautiful and crispy white).

+ Ca Mau crab

It is great if you are thrown to try the fresh specialties from crabs and can buy a few kilos to bring back as gifts for the family. Many people like to eat Ca Mau crab because of its firmness, good meat and a lot of fat and fat but are afraid of buying the wrong one or not being fresh. This trip to Ca Mau is definitely a must for everyone to enjoy. Surely this will be the most special and meaningful gift.

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