State of the Dong Tam grinding mill latest in Ho Chi Minh City

báo giá gạch đồng tâm  are updated the fastest today at Manh Cuong Phat Steel Company. Our motto is to say no to fake and shoddy goods. Helping all construction works achieve absolute certainty, at reasonable prices

Calculation of construction bricks

To calculate the amount of bricks needed for a building. Then you can proceed by: using a measure of the floor area and walls of the building to be built. If you calculate the number of paving bricks then you take (long measurement x wide measurement) will give the result of surface area to be paved

But to calculate the exact number of bricks, you must pay attention to the size of bricks. Samples of wall tiles, floor tiles, all must be synchronized with each other to bring the highest aesthetic value for the project.

Currently, walls are divided into 2 types: wall 1 and wall 2, depending on which region to build which type of wall. In particular, in the North, the wall 1 has a thickness of 110mm, wall 2 is 220mm, bricks are chosen to build walls with dimensions of 6.5 x 10.5 x 22cm. In the South, the 1st wall is 100mm thick, the 2nd wall is 200mm thick, the bricks used are 4 x 8 x 19cm and 8 x 8 x 19cm.

The calculation is as follows:

+ You will calculate the number of bricks built for 1m by the formula: n = 1 / (0.05 + 0.12) = 16.13 layers.

+ If built according to the method 4 along 1 horizontal, the number of bricks in a horizontal layer is a = (L / (0.885 + 0.01)) x 2 = (5 / (0.095 x 2 = 52, 632 bricks). The number of tablets in a vertical layer is b = (l / (0.185 + 0.010) x 2 = (5 / 0.195 x 2 = 51.28 tablets.

+ At that time, the number of bricks included in the 1m3 to build wall 200 is: N = (n / 5) x (1 x a + 4 xb) = 16.13 / 5) x (1 x 52,632 + 4 x 51.28) = 832 tablets.

With the share on our. Hopefully, you will have more experience to consider the cost

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