Package transfer service fee 

Dịch Vụ Chuyển Nhà

Moving house with the cheapest package transfer service in Ho Chi Minh City,  customers will definitely receive the rental price of the package transfer service at a cheaper price than other providers but the quality of moving service at Transport Investment Company Download Dai Nam can be more professional and quality.

Dich vu chuyen nha fee  at Dai Nam Transport Investment Company is only from 280k for the first 4km and includes loading and unloading.

From the steps to choose a cheap moving service that suits the needs of our customers, we have 2 types of moving services for our customers to choose, including the package transfer service included. Loading and unloading services do not include public loading and unloading.


  Range of vehicle

Loading and unloading fee

    700KG vehicle   VND 200,000 / Car
  1.2 ton vehicle   VND 400,000 / vehicle
  2.5 ton vehicle   650,000 VND / Car

Dịch Vụ Chuyển Nhà

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